"At Dallas Silversmiths you are only limited to your imagination ....or ours."

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Dallas Silversmiths

11126 Shady Trail #113

Dallas, Texas 75229

Phone 972.620.8866

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday

10:00 AM  - 5:00 PM

Please Send Your Photos

It is very hard for us to give cost of repairs and services of items over the phone.  Primarily because while every salt shaker is a salt shaker . . .  "all salt shakers are not alike."  

It is as if I said "I have a car - how much would you give me for it?"

You would want to know the make, the model, the year, two-door, four door, station wagon, convertible, color exterior and interior, mileage, condition of tires and size, condition of exterior and interior and ... oh yes.. does it have a motor and run?

  If you can hold your item up VERY CLOSE to the phone so we can see it. . . we can try to give you cost of repairs  and services.

Sincerely, we will try to assist you over the phone, however, we ask that you please consider bringing the item in to us; or send photos by email with all dimensions and details.  There is no charge for appraisals on repairs & services.

We DO have a minimum requirement . . .  ONE!